Cartoonist Draws Up Book Plans Following Laser Eye Surgery

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For years aspiring writer and cartoonist Anneli Winter dreamed of turning her doodles into a career. Now, thanks to receiving laser eye surgery at Optical Express in Harley Street, she is set to publish her first book.

Anneli, a graphic design studio manager from Wimbledon, suffered from short-sightedness with astigmatism. She mostly wore glasses as contact lenses made her eyes feel dry.

“I’ve wanted to have laser eye surgery for about 10 years now, but I couldn’t afford it.

“I’ve never been comfortable wearing glasses as I’m very clumsy and used to drop them and break them. I just wasn’t a ‘glasses person’ – some people wear glasses and suit them, but I never did,” Anneli said.

When Anneli inherited some money last year she knew exactly how she wanted to spend it; on laser eye surgery that would allow her to get rid of her glasses and boost her writing career.

Despite her determination to address her poor eyesight, she admits she was a little nervous about undergoing the procedure. “I watched footage of laser eye surgery online. It was good andbad – at least I knew what to expect,”she said.

“The Optical Express team knew that I was a bit anxious so they took time to explain what would happen. Everyone was so nice to me that I calmed down quickly.”

The wannabe cartoonist was amazed to notice the results almost straight away.

“It was incredible,” said Anneli, who is originally from Sweden. “My eyesight was better than it had been with glasses on after only a few days.

“It’s made a big difference to how I approach my cartoons because I can see much more detail than I could with my glasses. And it’s more enjoyable now that I can go outside to draw in warm weather. When I was wearing glasses I would get hot and sweaty underneath so in summer weather I was forced to draw indoors.”

The talented artist was so grateful to Optical Express staff for correcting her vision that she drew a special cartoon strip to thank them and posted it online. The illustrations tell the story of Stumpy, a T-rex dinosaur who has laser eye surgery.

Since undergoing laser eye surgery, Anneli has spent several months working on a comic book aimed at women which is now being considered by a number of agents. She also has plans to write and illustrate a children’s book.

Anneli added: “The first thing I wanted to see when I recovered from my laser eye surgery was a marker pen so that I could draw again.

“Being free to write and sketch without my glasses has been a new lease of life. Having laser eye surgery has been one of the best things I’ve done and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone wants to ditch their glasses or contacts lenses.”

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