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23 Jan

Steve Carell As You’ve Never Seen Him Before


John E. du Pont was the millionaire sponsor of the 1988 US Olympic wrestling team ...

15 Jan

Winter Sports Has Gone All High-Tech


This time of year it’s winter sports time and if anyone knows the power that ...

07 Jan

The End of Out-of-Focus Photography?


We love photography here at Optical Express, and with last month’s release of new Lytro ...

30 Dec

Amanda Bynes Sparks Twitter Comeback


Optical Express discovered this week that troubled starlet Amanda Bynes made her comeback on Twitter, ...

28 Dec

Courtney Love’s Sunglasses Are Awesome!


This week Optical Express is having to swallow down our collective amazement and say something ...

22 Dec

What Would Rachel from Friends Be Up to Right Now?


In light of recent comments made by Jennifer Aniston, at Optical Express this week we ...

14 Dec

Taylor Swift Rocks Shades in ‘Blank Space’ Video


Pop powerhouse Taylor Swift has released her video for new single ‘Blank Space,’ and Optical ...

11 Dec

Five Celebrities Who Have Had Laser Eye Surgery


If you need any assurances that laser surgery can change your life, look to the ...