How To Pick Your Perfect Pair Of Glasses

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Choosing the perfect pair of face-flattering specs is far from a straightforward endeavour. With celebrities sporting the latest designer and hottest vintage eyewear, glasses can be as much of a fashion statement as the clothes you wear. With so many styles, colours and shapes nowadays, choosing your perfect pair is not as easy as it would seem. Factor in lifestyle, prescription and the huge selection available and the choice becomes almost overwhelming.

So, where to begin? Mesha Tanna, Clinical Director at Optical Express suggests starting with a long hard look in the mirror to identify which ones of the five main face shapes you have and take it from there. Here’s the Optical Express guide to finding the perfect match:

Square Face

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Characterised by a strong, wide jaw line and broad forehead, celebrities with this face shape include Olivia Wilde and Keira Knightley

Frames: Look for slightly curved frames that sit high on the face to minimise the jaw line. Frames slightly wider than the face will help minimise its angular appearance. Avoid thin, angular style.


Round Face

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The width and length of the face are in the same proportions. Celebrities with this face shape include Michelle Williams and Cameron Diaz

Frames: Straight or angular lines, rectangular shapes, and dark colours such as black or tortoise will help minimise fullness and create angles. Avoid oval or round shapes.


Oval Face

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Considered to be the ideal shape because of its balanced proportions, celebrities with this face shape include Jessica Alba and Julia Roberts

Frames: Oval face shapes suit most styles of frames. Glasses which are as wide as the broadest part of the face keep the natural balance.


Diamond Face

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A defined, pointed chin with wide cheek bones and forehead, celebrities with this shape include Audrey Tautou, Elizabeth Hurley and Kourtney Kardashian.

Frames: Choose a pair which angle outwards towards the top corner, widening out the face to balance the jaw line. Opt for a quirky, retro shaped pair of specs, such as rectangular or ‘cat-eyed’ glasses.


Heart-shaped Face

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Wide in the eye and cheekbones, and narrowing in the chin, celebrities with this face shape include Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Frames: Look for thin or rimless frames with vertical elements. Square bottoms also help to balance out the face shape. Avoid frames that are wider at the top.


Oblong Face

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Longer than it is wide and characterised by a long, straight cheek line and sometimes a longer nose, celebrities with this shape include Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler.

Frames: Frames should cover as much of the centre of the face as possible to minimise length, so look for frames that are deeper than they are wide. Designs on the temple of the frames also shorten the appearance of the face shape. Avoid narrow, rectangular frames.

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