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Our patients are always telling us ‘Optical Express changed my life!’– now we’re giving them the platform to tell everyone else.

From the many thousands of patients we treat each year, the most common statement we hear is…”I wish I had done it sooner!”. Every day, patients contact us via social media, through customer services or even just on a one-to-one basis in clinics, telling us how treatment at Optical Express has changed their life for the better.

From taxi drivers and office workers, to professional sports stars and actors, full-time parents and gym fanatics – they all have amazing stories to tell.

For some people, it was the pleasure of finally being able to get rid of their glasses or contact lenses which transformed their life. Others have found a new sense of freedom which has allowed them to pursue a new career, hobby or sport and some simply appreciate being able to see the world around them through crystal clear vision. These are just a few examples of the stories we hear on a daily basis.

In August, Optical Express launched a brand new website;opticalexpresschangedmylife.co.uk where patients finally have the platform to tell the world about their refractive surgery and the impact that it’s had on their life. There have been hundreds of submissions to the site so far but Optical Express are on the lookout for more to add to the collection.

Not only will this website benefit potential patients, but it will also be rewarding to existing patients as those who submit their review will be entered into a monthly draw to win the cost of their treatment back, simply for sharing their story with us. This fantastic prize is a ‘thank-you’ to those who have taken the time to tell the world how Optical Express had changed their life.

Are you one of the many thousands of patients Optical Express has treated? Why not leave your story and tell the world how Optical Express changed your life for the better. Simply visit opticalexpresschangedmylife.co.uk and share your story today! Here are a few patient stories, untouched by us…in their very own words.


Sarah Moor Bluewater Clinic | iDesign LASIK13th February 2014

Optical Express has had a hugely positive impact on my life. From waking up in the morning and being able see the clock, to going to bed at night and being able to read my book – all without the help of glasses. For the first time this year I went on holiday and could see in the sea! I even felt confident enough to swim on my own, which I have never done before. Laser eye surgery has been the best thing I have ever done!


Ellen JacksonBridgewater Clinic | NLR (Multifocal)30th May 2014

There aren’t really enough words to express what a difference it makes to your life. Being able to read and see the detail on my grandchildren’s faces so clearly is absolutely amazing. All the staff at Optical Express and at The Bridgewater Hospital have been fantastic. You are really taken care of and put at your ease. Every member of staff has been polite and helpful no matter what the question or worry. Talking of worry, there is absolutely no need to! I like many others before me was very nervous. Usual things like what if it hurts and how will I feel afterwards. Well it did not hurt and the discomfort afterwards was minimal. For the first eye I was very nervous, for the second I just could not wait and felt excited! It is the best money that I have ever spent and my advice to everyone considering this operation is just do it. It is a fantastic procedure!

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