Matt Scott Answers Optical Express Facebook Fans Questions

Thursday 29th Jan 2015 by

Popular Scottish International Rugby star Matt Scott, took time out from his busy schedule recently to answer questions from Optical Express Facebook fans. Below you’ll find a series of videos made by Optical Express so that Matt can answer his fans’ questions in person.

Advice for a young player

The first question is from Kerryanne Nicol who asks “My little boy has just started playing for Moray RFC. He loves the game but thinks he will never be able to catch the ball (he is 6). How do I stop him fretting about it?”

See Matt’s in-depth answer below:


Next up is Dave Flak who asks “Are you relishing the competition hotting up for a starting place at centre for Scotland, or would it be better to continue with an established pairing like yourself and Alex Dunbar?”

See what Matt has to say below:

Recovery from injury

Optical Express Facebook fan Andrew O’Donnell asks Matt: “How is the injury coming along, when do you expect to be fit again?”

Matt was quick to offer this reply:

Best Players

Matt also enjoyed Neil Ross’ question. Neil asked Matt “Who are the best players you have played with & against so far in your career?”

Matt was happy to provide the following response:

World Cup 2015

David Clark asks “Who do you think will win the World Cup? Apart from Scotland of course!”

Find out what Matt said below:

Laser Eye Surgery

Finally, Matt discusses the way that Laser Eye Surgery has changed his life and sporting career.

Find out what he said on the video below:

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