Getting Eye Surgery Was A Stroke Of Genius

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Champion swimmer Miguel Ortiz is finding the form of his life after undergoing laser eye surgery with Optical Express.

Miguel, an eight-time all-American college swimming champion, representing University of Michigan had been wearing glasses and contact lenses since he was 15.

Regularly losing lenses or contracting eye infections from the pool prevented the 23 year old from reaching his potential. Eye infections would regularly prevent him from swimming for two or three days at a time, disrupting his 40 hours of weekly training.

After a glowing recommendation from his mother who had already undergone laser eye surgery, Miguel attended an Optical Express clinic for a consultation and underwent iLasik surgery.

He said, “Although I knew what to expect, I was nervous in the waiting area. My mother told me that the procedure was quick and relatively pain free and she couldn’t have been more right.

“I couldn’t wait for my eyes to recover and to see clearly. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long at all.”

Miguel Ortiz - Swimmer

Miguel’s surgery has had a massive impact on his everyday performance in the pool: “I no longer have to worry about losing a contact lens in a race, allowing me to focus on winning.

“Eliminating the risk of eye infection, that previously set me back days of training, means that I can now fully commit to my strict training regime.

“With my newly improved vision and performance in the pool, I’ll be competing for Spain in the 2016 Rio Olympics. I could never have done it without Optical Express.

“My life has changed dramatically and I’m extremely grateful for the support Optical Express has given me and look forward to working towards the Olympics.”

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