Boxer Is On Fighting Form Thanks To Optical Express

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For years, world boxing champion Glenn McCrory hid a guilty secret. His sight was not good enough to drive, never mind fight.

The North East sports star has struggled with poor vision for most of his life. He recently admitted that he would not have been able to fight at all if he had not cheated the eye tests he was obliged to take before gaining his boxing licence.

In May, the boxer – who is now a pundit on Sky Sports – underwent lens replacement surgery at Optical Express. He is now on fighting form again and enjoying a new lease of life.

At the end of last year, Glenn was awarded world-leading charity Variety’s Silver Heart Award to mark the 25th anniversary of his world cruiserweight title win. He received the honour during a glittering event in Newcastle attended by five former world boxing champions. The charity evening, which was supported by Optical Express, raised more than £20,000 for disadvantaged children.

Glenn said: “Being short-sighted was my guilty secret – because if the truth had emerged it would have harmed my boxing career. As a professional boxer, I used to memorise eye charts to pass the eye health checks.

“When I became a commentator my vision problems didn’t have any impact on my job because I’m so close to the ring but away from the cameras life was becoming increasingly difficult. I couldn’t see road signs while driving and I couldn’t enjoy playing golf because I was struggling to see the ball.”

“Since undergoing lens replacement surgery with Optical Express I can now see clearly for the first time. It feels brilliant- and I don’t need to busk it any more.”

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