9 Year Old Budding Bear Grylls Sets Eyes On The Sahara

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Freddie Cannell, a Warwickshire schoolboy, is gearing up for the tripof a lifetime as he prepares himself for a gruelling 100km trek acrossthe Sahara Desert for UK charity, Guide Dogs.

In March 2015, Freddie will tackle the Moroccan Sahara Desert in four days, alongside his parents and with a littlehelp from Optical Express.

The family’s local Optical Express in Leamington Spa donated all of the vital kit needed to survive the extreme conditions of the desert. Their donation included specialist clothing and freelaser eye surgery for Freddie’s father.

Freddie and his equally intrepid parents, Matt and Lynne, are undergoing the mammoth trek to raise funds for Guide Dogs. They are great supporters of the charity already, having looked after nine different guide dogs during their training period, including their current student, Golden Retriever, Kiki. They hope toraise a minimum of £5,000 from thetrek for the charity.

Siobhan Rigney, Manager of Optical Express in Leamington Spa commented: “Freddie’s charitable efforts are of truly monumental proportions andwe at Optical Express are delighted tohelp by donating the kit needed.

“The trek will be a lot of hard work in temperatures that range from intenseheat to freezing cold and Freddie’s bravery has been truly inspiring to all of our staff. We wish him and his family the best of luck on his Saharan adventure.”

Matt Cannell, Freddie’s father, said:“We are all incredibly grateful to everyone at Optical Express for their support in the lead up to and during our trek. The clothing provided will be a massive help in coping with the extremities of the Sahara Desert, and my laser eye surgery will ensure I can get the maximum enjoyment from the experience. Having great partners like Optical Express on board means that Freddie can focus on his training and fundraising for Guide Dogs.”

Just Giving page:www.justgiving.com/freddies-sahara-trek/

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